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This is the perfect ocasion to celebrate the art of people who fill the world with beautiful melodies and songs! In Amateur Musician Gift, we love music and, more importantly, the ones who make it. What would this world be like without the best gift of all, which is music itself? To all those who work hard for hours and hours, days and years, to bring us the amazing experience of listening to a song, we create and provide the best presents, themed with all disciplines of music.

Think about all the times that music has been part of your life. From a relaxing evening listening to some classical records, to a great night at the dance floor, from the catchy tune of your favourite TV show, to the emotional scores of the climax of a movie. Music makes our life so much better and our feelings so much more vivid. It is time to reward these hard workers of the art of sound with a present that is especially designed to honour their activity. 

We have all musical gifts you can think of, and even a couple more!

All our products are carefully selected from the best providers and finished by us with personal touches. This means that nobody has what we have. Our gifts are unique and can be personalized for added value. Order now a special gift for a special musician!

In Amateur Musician Gift, you can choose among many sorts of presents. From the big to the small, from the practical to the ornamental. All of them created with the same purpose: to make a musician happy. We have all a musician needs to perfom his or her art, as well as a lot of objects that will remind them of how much their work is appreciated. Contact us to learn how you can print names, messages and custom designs on almost all our products!

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We have musical themed ornaments ranging from general decorations such as musical notes and keys to personalized depictions of musical instruments and bands. Check our most ordered: hanging ornaments, musical boxes, miniature instruments, key rings, and our most recent feature, the miniature piano that actually works!

Our music library is full of scores and excersise books for music students and professionals. Give your musician the score of their favourite song, hardback bound with the fanciest cover and decorations! It will be a unique piece, especially designed for the ocasion, on the theme and style that you request.

Search our music instruments department to find a huge variety of instruments, from classical to modern, from acoustic to electronic, from standard quality to high premium quality. Personalize them with decorations and names to make them special. Your awesome gift will reflect the personality and the spirit of the musician, and therefore will become the best present that you could ever give!

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For the ones who fill our lives with music.

"Amateur Musician Gifts has the finest collection of ornaments that I have ever seen. It is hard to find a special gift for someone, something that really portraits their true passion. I have found it here and I am very, very satisfied."
Lana Dillon

Happy Client

"I love music. I have always loved it and I always will. I was so glad to know that my daughter was in love with the piano that I really wanted to give her something that represents the art of music. I found some fun presents in Amateur Musician Gift and she was happy to have them."
Robert Williams